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Astaro Secure Client

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Remote access to corporate network data from any location at any time is a necessity for mobile or home workers in many businesses. However, setting up these clients on individual PCs often becomes a huge administrative burden and in many cases the technology used only provides limited access to certain applications.

Astaro VPN Clients are easy to install with just a few simple mouse clicks. They offer secure and unlimited remote access to any type of network environment, including native applications not offering a web based interface.

They support a large variety of operating systems and scenarios.

You can choose from the following products:

  • Astaro Secure Client: Powerful and feature rich client for IPSec based remote access. For all businesses which ask for the same level of security and usability for connecting their road-warriors as for connecting branch offices. The client also includes a personal firewall for additional protection of the local client.
  • Astaro SSL Client: Easy-to-use platform independent client for transparent SSL access to all company applications. Part of every Astaro Security Gateway solution and available free of charge.

Astaro Secure Client


Secure Remote-Access

  • Secure and strong authentication and encryption
  • Supports all common authentication and encryption algorithms like MD5, SHA, DES, 3DES, AES, Blowfish, Twofish, etc.
  • Supports token-based authentication
  • Astaro Secure Client with integrated personal firewall for increased client protection
  • Initial client-configuration through Astaro Security Gateway - no configuration required by end user

Easy to manage

  • Seamless integration with Astaro Security Gateways
  • Easy installation and configuration within minutes via ”One-Click” VPN
  • Download of complete installation package from Astaro Security Gateway End-User Portal
  • SSL Client supports all common operating systems
  • Works from any location - even via GSM, UMTS, GPRS, DSL, WLAN and NAT
  • Easy administration of VPN-connections via Astaro Security Gateway


Astaro VPN Clients perfectly interoperate with VPN gateway applications included with all Astaro Security Gateway products.

Astaro Secure Client

  • Compatible with all Astaro Security Gateway solutions
  • Supports all current MS¬N Windows operating systems

Astaro SSL Client

  • Compatible with Astaro Security Gateway V7
  • Runs on current Windows, N MacOS X, Linux, BSD and Solaris operating systems

Both clients can be easily configured within the Astaro Security Gateway and individually downloaded from the end-user Portal.

Technical Specifications:


Astaro Secure Client

  • Strong IPSec-based security
  • Authentication:
    Pre-Shared Key (PSK), PKI (X.509), Smartcards, Token
  • Encryption:
    AES (128/192/256), DES, 3DES, Blowfish, RSA (1024¬4096 Bit), Diffie-Hellmann groups 1/2/5, MD5, SHA-1
  • Communication devices:
  • Integrated Personal Firewall
  • Integrated Dialer protection
  • Prioritization of VoIP traffic
  • Supports VPN-Gateways of other vendors, using IPSec standards
  • Intelligent split-tunneling for optimum traffic routing
  • Automatic communicationN type detection
  • Integrated WLAN configuration
  • ”Friendly Net” detection
  • NAT-Traversal support
  • Automatic HTTP- Authentication at Hotspots
  • Client-Monitor for graphical overview of connection status

Astaro SSL Client

  • Proven SSL-(TLS) based security
  • Minimal system requirements
  • Supports MD5, SHA, DES, 3DES and AES
  • Works through all firewalls, regardless of proxies and NAT
  • Independent from browser

One-Click VPN

  • Easy setup and installation of every client within minutes
  • Download of Client-Software, individual configuration files, keys and certificates with one mouse-click from the Astaro Security Gateway end user portal
  • Automatic installation and configuration of the client.
  • Multi-platform support

System Requirements:

Astaro Secure Client

  • 128 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive
  • Windows 2000(SP4+RSP1)/ XP(SP2)/ Vista

Astaro SSL Client

  • 128 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, MacOS X, BSD or Solaris
  • One of the following communication devices: ISDN modem, analog Modem, LAN, DSL modem, UMTS-/ GPRS- card or WLAN


PDF File
Download the Astaro VPN Client Datasheet (PDF).